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Trust and Corporate Administration

As a Swiss industry leader in trust and fiduciary services, we stand for Swiss values and combine legal and economic reliability with a strong sense of service quality and expertise.

Structuring and Administration of Assets (Financial and Non-Financial Assets)

One of our core competencies is the structuring and management of international wealth.

We offer you tailored solutions so you can have your assets administered efficiently and pass them on in a secure and tax compliant manner.

Head of Trust and Corporate Administration Zurich
Headquarter - Zurich
Antonia Spuhler
+41 58 450 59 27
Head Tax & Legal Geneva
Branch Office - Geneva
Patrick Renaud
+41 58 450 57 40

Our Services

Philanthropic Activities

Do you intend to establish a charitable organisation? Setting up and managing charitable foundations and trusts is one of our specialities.

Trusts, Foundations & Companies

Find a reliable partner at KENDRIS for establishing, managing and administering trusts, foundations and various forms of companies in Switzerland and abroad.

Latest Releases

1 February 2015
The Brazilian tax legislation allows for voluntary disclosure of previously non-disclosed or understated income and/or wealth, as well as overstatement of costs or liabilities. Voluntary disclosure will reduce the penalty tax and minimize risk of criminal proceedings. KENDRIS has extensive experience in assisting individuals and corporations alike with voluntary disclosure proceedings.
1 October 2014
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is an important center for offshore business activities. As a British Crown Colony, the legal system is based on that of the UK, and this, combined with its very stable political and economic condition, makes the BVI a serious competitor to the more established Caribbean jurisdictions.