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Trusts, Foundations & Companies

KENDRIS establishes, manages and administers trusts, foundations and various forms of companies in Switzerland and abroad. Our experts have in-depth experience with the structuring and administration of a wide range of assets, such as:

  • Financial assets (bankable assets)
  • Real estate
  • Collections (e.g. art. classic cars, wine)
  • Participations in operating companies and family companies
  • Yachts, aeroplanes
  • etc.

We will carefully monitor changes to the legal basis and ensure that the structure is managed in compliance with the applicable laws.


Trusts are a preferred succession planning tool and are characterised by a high level of flexibility. Our internal tax and legal experts will develop the right trust for you.

Thanks to the ratification of the Hague Trust Convention, trusts in Switzerland are recognised.

Furthermore, we have the opportunity to establish trusts in conjunction with our American trustee company in South Dakota, which in particular helps our customers with a U.S. connection to solve their U.S.-related needs. Go to the "KENDRIS TRUSTEES (USA) LLC" Website.


A foundation allows you to designate a portion of your assets for a special purpose, such as philanthropic activities. Our experts will provide you with advice and guidance.


At your request, we will establish and manage holding, trading, patent exploitation and management companies in Switzerland and abroad.

Our specialists will ensure compliance with tax, company law and regulatory requirements.

Latest Releases

16 April 2020
The trust is a widely used and well-established instrument to protect and enhance a family’s wealth for current and future generations. In our factsheet, you can find out more about trusts and all its different forms. We help you to protect and enhance your family’s wealth for current and future generations in an unbureaucratic and appropriate manner. Together with you, we determine the necessary steps to ensure the continued existence of your wealth.
16 April 2020
Common-law trusts present several distinctive features. Two of them are of particular importance for a future settlor: the law governing the trust relationship and, even more so, the trustee itself. In our factsheet, you can read more about this subject. We are here to guide you through the entire process of setting up a trust and thereafter fully commit ourselves as trustees to administer and manage the trust and all of its assets in all jurisdictions involved and in full compliance with international taxation laws as well as regulatory requirements.