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Trust and private wealth advising blog

This blog offers a high level industry insight to individuals interested in or working in the field of trust, private wealth advisory and high net worth client advising. Practitioners and high net worth clients will gain an insight into a variety of topics such as family business research, trust matters, regulatory challenges and challenges in connection with the digitalization of assets and their management. 

Why launch a blog about private wealth advising?

Advising high net worth clients is complex in today’s highly regulated environment. It is important to understand that many private wealth advisors do not work in a clearly definable or distinguishable field of specialization.

Private Wealth Advisors need to be familiar with and competent in a variety of highly complex matters and understand and contextualize these correlated matters in a client’s individual situation.

The author of this blog will show the importance of understanding the full picture and be able to anticipate and analyse the consequences of personal circumstantial changes in a client’s situation or of external, environmental changes imposed by legislators or regulators, for example.

Private wealth advising is all about:

  • understanding the client’s situation and contextualize it (jurisdictions involved to anticipate succession, taxation and regulatory issues, understand family dynamics and anticipate changes);  
  • identifying, assessing, evaluating and monitoring areas and risks that need further attention.

Having the full picture helps the private wealth advisor to stay alert and think ahead when certain events happen, no matter if such events are client specific, such as the death of a family business owner, or of a general nature, such as new regulatory requirements or new taxation laws.

This private wealth advising blog will not revolve around a single topic – it is all about understanding the full picture and gaining insight into the various fields that interest private wealth advisors and high net worth clients alike. All this will be covered under the aspect of increasing digitalization of assets and asset management.

Blog topics

  • The regulatory environment in private wealth advising – the major challenge and risk factor in the private client business (in English)
  • Digitalization in private wealth advising – what are digital assets and how to manage them?
  • Digitalization in private wealth advising – digital legacy: what happens to my digital assets and accounts when I die?
  • Trust matters – what is a trust and who are the stakeholders?
  • Trust matters – the importance of administering and managing a trust properly
  • Family Business Research – from the individual to open systems and the concept of familiness
  • Strategic philanthropy – how millennials change charitable giving

If we have raised your interest – we are happy to welcome you as a regular guest to our blog!