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Customs consulting & VAT

You're in the fast lane with your start-up. The initial difficulties have been overcome and now you need to consolidate your market position and make the right decisions for your growing company.


If you are planning to bring an investor on board, they will take a close look at your books. Regularly during this examination (Due Diligence) risks regarding VAT obligations at home and abroad become a problem. It is therefore important to minimise the risks now. A VAT check-up is a must in this phase so that you know where to take measures before the investor.


Furthermore, customs duties in manufacturing and trade are a decisive factor in determining competitiveness. In order to achieve duty-free import or export by means of preferential origin, it is often sufficient to turn even the smallest screws. An additional document confirming the origin of parts, an additional processing step or a change of supplier can be decisive.


Only those who know all the parameters and make full use of the design options can establish themselves in the market and operate successfully in the long term. We will support you and show you how to make even the smallest adjustments.

Ute Fischer

Senior Manager, VAT

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