Andrea Widmer
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Andrea Widmer

Senior Manager
Chartered Specialist in Accounting & Financial Management

About Andrea Widmer

Andrea Widmer completed her commercial apprenticeship in a fiduciary office, where she learned the craft of being a fiduciary. For the next few years she worked as a sole accountant in the construction and real estate industry and was able to develop into a complete financier. During this time, she obtained her diploma in finance and accounting with a federal certificate. For three years, she worked in the auditing department at PwC, where she learned about different types of accounting. She enjoyed the client contact and was able to use her analytical and entrepreneurial skills well. After this time, she was responsible for the finance and accounting of a listed company in investment construction. After starting her family, she set up her own fiduciary company. She assisted SME's in various industries, non-profit organisations, individuals and legal entities. For her, being a fiduciary means passion and joy in this profession. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of Raiffeisenbank Villmergen (Audit Committee) since 2015. 

Qualifications / Expertise

  • Finance and accounting specialist with a federal diploma
  • Further education in value added tax, direct taxes, accounting 
  • Auditor in one of the Big 4
  • Head of finance and accounting in a listed company
  • Mandate head fiduciary
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Raiffeisenbank (Audit Committee)