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Do you intend to relocate to Switzerland? We'll advise you and support you in all tax and legal questions. In doing so, we take account of both domestic and international considerations, and put the results of our advising into practice as well.

Assistance with Relocations to Switzerland

Our specialists will assist you with the following relocation services:

  • Arrival documents, registration and residency permit in Switzerland
  • Shipment of your household items and vehicle
  • Evaluation of your tax situation in the case of a move. We'll show you exactly which measures are available for saving tax
  • Selection of the right taxation system (ordinary taxation vs. lump-sum taxation)
  • Negotiations with the tax office
  • Tax administration in Switzerland
  • Evaluation of your situation with respect to social insurance
  • Legal considerations when acquiring property in Switzerland. You'll receive an overview of the tax implications and will be able assess these
  • Review of current marital and inheritance contracts with respect to their enforceability

We would be happy to help you on your way to Switzerland.

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24 August 2018
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27 April 2018
Thomas Lüthi, Redaktor SRF
So ein Burger ist doch die perfekte Umschreibung für die Mehrwertsteuer! Vielschichtig, mit erlesenen Zutaten und komplexen Aromen.