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At KENDRISfly we provide you with assistance and advise on all business aviation aspects, so you can simply enjoy your private jet. We offer comprehensive solutions for buying, setting up the ownership structure, operating and selling an aircraft which makes us your perfect partner.
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Your private aircraft managed by KENDRISfly

Let the qualified experts at KENDRISfly take over the time-consuming and cost-intensive tasks of keeping up with and implementing the various industry regulations and safety standards that come with the ownership of a private aircraft. We offer comprehensive advice on acquisition and maintenance of your private aircraft and support you with the setup of sustainable tax and legal structures.

At KENDRISfly we work exclusively with professionals who have extensive experience in aircraft acquisition, operation and maintenance. Combined with our KENDRIS tax, legal and asset structuring expertise we provide you with the best all-round service and have all your needs covered.

Our turnkey approach

We offer a turnkey service throughout the lifecycle of private aircraft ownership:


Aviation advisory services

No matter what assistance you need, we can offer you the right service for your aircraft.

Aircraft selection and sourcing

  • Route and aircraft performance assessment
  • Operational budget and qualitative information
  • On/off market search with aircraft manufacturers, owners and brokers
  • Initial contact with sellers and recommendation of options

Setting up the appropriate ownership structure

  • Identification of ideal ownership set-up
  • Commercial or private operation 
  • Setting up a structure in the appropriate jurisdiction
  • Contracting with key stakeholders (operator, etc.)
  • Management and administration of the structure 
  • Accounts, compliance and needs-oriented reporting


Other means of transportation with private aircraft

Evaluation of alternatives, such as:

  • Ad-hoc chartering
  • Block charter
  • Aircraft sharing

Transaction management

  • Negotiation with sellers (aircraft valuation, price negotiation, advice during contract drafting, etc.)
  • Handling VAT, and other tax and legal aspects including registration and import of the aircraft
  • Aircraft financing
  • Technical inspection
  • Completion management

Operational supervision

  • Ensure a transparent, cost efficient operation
  • Maintain the highest level of safety
  • Maximise the service quality
  • Operational oversight 
  • Financial audits / operational audits


Value retention and resale

  • Technical oversight, aircraft and engine maintenance programs
  • Upgrades and modifications, completion management
  • Aircraft valuation and definition of an optimum resale strategy
  • Aircraft marketing via prime brokers and negotiation with potential buyers
  • Transaction (contracting, escrow, deal closing, asset transfer, etc.)


Visit our KENDRISfly website to read more about our services or contact us directly.


What sets us apart

Profound expertise

Take advantage of our expertise with the required technical know-how to acquire, operate, maintain and resell private aircraft, including registration and import under consideration of VAT and accounting.

Best of two worlds

The combined strength of a leading independent professional services provider and expert in private aircraft ownership structures, together with an experienced specialist for private aviation with a proven track record in the acquisition, operation, maintenance and resale of aircraft makes KENDRISfly your ideal advisor.


With just a few contact persons, you benefit from the full range of our experts. We offer a comprehensive approach and maintain cost control through independent advice with no conflict of interest. Choose us and enjoy your private aircraft with peace of mind.

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Olga Tcacenco
Olga Tcacenco
LL.B., TEP / Dip(ITM)
Raphael Cica
Raphael Cica
Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.

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