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Our KENDRIS in-house aviation services encompass global expertise in the corporate and private aviation sectors. Whether you are an aircraft owner, buyer, or seller; we cover all services from aircraft purchase and operation to precise cost control, potential commercial use through charter brokerage, and aircraft sale.
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In-house Aviation Management

When it comes to global Aviation and Aircraft, whether corporate or private, our knowledge, expertise and experience cover the full spectrum with in-house know how.

The vast combined KENDRIS network of resources and multidisciplinary expertise make it possible to provide important client advantages and beyond. Whether through our highly qualified internal team of aviation experts, or through our network of international specialists and partners, our solutions are always optimized and tailored to the best-fit each individual client’s needs.

Regardless of the size of a transaction or type of business, our client ties extend well beyond the confines of a single business transaction. Through our sound competence, know-how and proven expertise, we build lasting client relationships based on trust, reliability and quality results.

The KENDRIS Aviation Team

Our comprehensive expertise spans global aviation,  encompassing both corporate and private sectors. Based on in-house know-how and by leveraging our extensive resources and multidisciplinary expertise within the KENDRIS network, we offer significant client advantages and more:

  • 20+ years of experience in the private aviation industry
  • We combine a wide spectrum of services based on latest FOCA/EASA, FAA, TC, and ICAO regulations 
  • We have extensive expertise in managing and operating large aircraft fleets commercially and for private individuals
  • We have successfully closed over 50 aircraft transactions during the last years
  • We provided hundreds of proven cross border aviation structures
  • You can benefit from unique and a highly effective combination of aviation legal, aviation tax and aircraft operating and technical expertise
  • Our team holds EASA ATPL Pilot Licences with type ratings for turboprops and jets

Pictured from left to right: Kai Günthardt, Olga Tcacenco, Raphael Cica

Services at a glance

Our solutions are always tailored to each client's needs, whether through our highly qualified internal team of aviation, structuring and tax/legal experts or our extensive network of international specialists and partners, ensuring trust, reliability and best in class management and expertise at every step. Services include: 

01 Aviation Consulting

  • Transaction management
  • Legal & Tax structures
  • Aircraft financing: fleet financing, non-recourse financing, sale and lease back, pre-delivery financing
  • Management of M&A Services
  • Private equity investments in aviation
  • AOC set-up, EASA, FAA, FOCA, San Marino
  • EASA Part NCC set-up and structuring
  • Flight department set-up, integration of quality & safety systems
  • Flight department management solutions
  • Aircraft financing: fleet financing, non-recourse financing, sale and lease back, pre-delivery financing
  • Advise on operational growth strategies in charter and/or aircraft management
  • General aviation advisory services
  • Ad hoc charter solutions for KENDRIS clients

02 Fractional Ownership

In many instances, clients find themselves in a space between chartering and full aircraft ownership. Therefore, KENDRIS Aviation offers tailored solutions to address this situation by structuring fractional ownership groups, including:

  • Aircraft specification and procurement
  • Identifying ownership groups and establishing share models 
  • Establishing EASA Part NCC operating structures
  • Flight Ops with outsourced dispatch

03 Aircraft Sales

Delivering Aircraft Sales and Acquisition services is one facet of our comprehensive modular aircraft asset management service framework. Based on our profound market insights and technical expertise, our clients gain unparalleled market access and intelligence, ensuring they're always getting the best value.

Our commitment to high-quality technical support means that aircraft transactions are handled with precision and expertise. From comprehensive business intelligence to highly capable transaction management, we oversee every step of the purchase or sale process seamlessly.

04 Aircraft Asset Management

The asset management services offered by KENDRIS Aviation are structured in a modular format, encompassing the following key components:

Each of these modules is designed to function independently, allowing clients to select services according to their specific needs. Alternatively, they can be seamlessly integrated to form a comprehensive aircraft management solution. By offering the entire chain as a one-stop shop, KENDRIS Aviation ensures customers derive maximum value. This comprehensive approach covers various critical aspects, including tax optimization, technical oversight, cost management, operator liaison, and overall budget control.

Acting solely in the best interests of the customer, KENDRIS Aviation serves as the trusted representative of aircraft owners, overseeing every facet of operation with utmost diligence and professionalism.

What sets us apart

Profound aviation industry expertise

With over 20 years of experience in the private aviation industry, we offer a comprehensive range of services compliant with the latest FOCA/EASA, FAA, TC, and ICAO regulations.

Management and Transaction Experts

With extensive experience managing and operating large aircraft fleets for both commercial and private clients, we have successfully closed over 50 aircraft transactions and provided hundreds of proven cross-border aviation structures.

Operational aviation and further know-how

An unparalleled blend of aviation legal, tax, and operational expertise, reinforced by EASA ATPL Pilot Licenses with different type ratings. Benefit from a comprehensive approach and maintain cost control through independent advice.

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Olga Tcacenco
Olga Tcacenco
LL.B., TEP / Dip(ITM)
Kai Günthardt
Kai Günthardt
Senior Manager

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