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28 January 2021
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Christian Lyk


Christian Lyk

Partner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus at the beginning of 2020 and the flattening out in the summer, infection rates in Switzerland and abroad have increased again and measures to combat the virus are being further intensified. This extraordinary phase has led many of us to rethink and redefine existing patterns, business processes and solutions. We are happy about our new daily routine, processes and services and would like to give you a short update.


The virus has changed the world and living with the virus and the measures taken has almost become a habit. The cold season favours the spread of the virus and thus also changes our everyday working life. Due to various domestic and international restrictions we have to abstain from many physical meetings and replace them with (video) calls. All of us miss these meetings and social gatherings and we hope it will be possible soon to meet again physically.


We are doing everything we can to provide our high-quality services to our national and international clients as usual - only this time not from the office, but from home or with strictly regulated office access, minimizing the risk for our valued customers as well as employees and the public. Thanks to significant investments continuously made into our IT infrastructure and technological capabilities, efficient work from home is possible and will be maintained to a certain extent, where necessary and desired. In order to maintain digital security, our IT department has been working flat out to develop solutions that offer the data protection to which we are accustomed. From digital inboxes, i.e. the digital encryption of physical mail, to secure digital signatures and conferences, we have been able to maintain the same high standards of data security while working remotely.


On a national level here in Switzerland, we support firms and entrepreneurs in dealing with challenges that affect the workforce, be it short-time working applications or their business as a whole. Internationally, we see a growing demand for long-term and secure solutions for wealth planning, asset structuring and succession planning. In view of the accelerated digitisation process, we are pleased to meet this demand with our innovative strength.


Equally, we look forward to supporting you in case of uncertainties or questions in any matter and helping you to make the right arrangements.


We will keep you informed as the situation evolves and thank you for your continued trust. Be well.


Warm regards

Christian Lyk